Fair Debt Collection Practices for Servicemembers Act (H.R. 5003)


Ongoing (House passed – In the Senate now)


Our Position

While this legislation is good in theory, DCUC contends that it may have unintended consequences, most notably increasing the number of servicemembers who are sent to debt collection if they move and fall behind on loan payments.



Due to the highly mobile military population, credit unions that cannot track a servicemember after he/she moves will have no recourse to find that person. Instead of working directly with the servicemember to find a payment solution, they will be reported delinquent and sent directly to collections. This will hurt the servicemember’s credit history and rating.

Given the number of military positions that require good credit scores to hold security clearances, this could potentially lead to servicemembers losing their jobs.


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Letter to Senate Banking Cmte on H.R. 5003 PDF (383.22 KB) Administration 4/3/2020

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