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The Defense Credit Union Council is a niche membership association representing the interests of credit unions operating on military installations worldwide. By maintaining a close and constant liaison with the Pentagon, the Council supports its member credit unions and the Department of Defense (DoD) in coordinating policy, procedures, and legislation impacting morale and welfare, financial readiness, and the delivery of quality financial products and services to DoD personnel and their families.


The Council is comprised of over 180 credit unions with over 22 million memberships. The Council is governed by a seven-member Board of Directors consisting of a representative from each of the services -- Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and  Air Force -- plus three representatives at large. Approximately two-thirds of the Defense Credit Unions are federally chartered, and one-third are state-chartered. All are insured by either the National Credit Union Administration (the federal regulator) or an independent or state agency which meets federal standards.


Since 1963, DCUC has been the primary liaison to the Department of Defense for defense credit unions, and has been the Department’s principal conduit to defense credit unions on military bases stateside and overseas. Whether working strategic or operational issues, or addressing regulatory or legislative matters, the Defense Council’s close working relationship with DoD has ensured members of the United States Armed Forces are provided financial services in the finest traditions of the credit union philosophy.


The Defense Credit Union Council is a chartered partner of the Department of Defense Financial Readiness campaign, and as such, works with DoD to encourage the wise use of credit and the prudent management of personal and family resources. The Council’s membership holds integrity, unselfishness and understanding, as essential dimensions of character, necessary for optimum service to military and civilian members of the Department of Defense establishment…and they serve with dedication and distinction in compliance with DCUC’s motto: "Serving Those Who Serve Our Country.”


The Defense Council operates from day to day under the supervision of a President/CEO and a small staff from offices in Washington, D.C., and supports two Sub-councils --- the Defense Credit Union Council's  Overseas Sub-council and the Midwest Sub-council.





Defense Credit Union Standards of Service 





As credit unions serving Department of Defense personnel, world wide, both civilian and military, we pledge to: 


PROVIDE financial services to our members in the finest traditions of the credit union philosophy of helping one another;


ENCOURAGE thrift, the wise use of credit and prudent management of personal and family resources;


EXTEND our services to our members without discrimination, regardless of race,nationality, creed, color, religion, sex, rank or grade;


OFFER intelligent, sound financial guidance and advice to our members, knowing that financial fitness contributes to defense effectiveness;ASSIST and support commands in morale and welfare matters within our capabilities and legal limitations.


ESTABLISH and maintain sound, cooperative-working relationships with commanders at all levels where we serve;


OBSERVE applicable laws and regulations and to pursue improvement through established procedures and channels;HOLD integrity, unselfishness and understanding, as essential dimensions of character,necessary for optimum service to Defense credit union members;


SUPPORT the Defense Establishment in its objective of providing a sound, adequate defense to our nation;


SERVE with dedication and integrity in compliance with our motto: "Serving Those Who Serve Our Country.”



Defense Credit Union Council

Adopted by the membership at the annual meeting, September 16, 1980

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