What DCUC is Doing for our Members



DCUC Member Support

In addition to collaborating with DoD (in many cases at the senior level) on 15 strategic issues (i.e., those that impact all Defense Credit Unions) during the month of January, such as:

  • Inside the Pentagon
    •  Erosion of the Military Banking Program in General
    •  Prohibited Source Interpretation on Donations and Sponsorships
    • Termination Clauses in Land Leases that Transfer Financial Liability to Credit Unions
    • Military Lending Act (General and Credit Card Guidance)
    • Executive Order 13658 (Federal Minimum Wage)
    • MWR Advertisements that Violate Military Banking Policy/Operating Agreements
    • AAFES Star Card Expansion to Retail Banking Operations on Base
    • DECA EMV and Rerouting Issues
    • Financial Readiness and Education (Partner with Personal Financial Managers)
    • Blended Retirement System Updates and Statistics
    • Participation in Military Saves Program
  • Banking Officer Level
    • Base Access (Domestic and Overseas)
    • Establishing TGA Accounts for Installation Support
    • Novation Policy Enforcement
  •  International
    •  EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

We also researched, worked, coordinated, and responded to nearly 40 individual DCUC member issues, pertaining to regulatory, policy, procedures, and legislative matters.

DCUC Membership Dues

  • Tracked 180 dues letters asking for continued member support (slightly ahead of 2017)
  •  Sent second-notice dues letters

DCUC Budget

  • We finished 2017 with a net income of $239,875; exceeding expectations by $117,575

DCUC Finances

  • Continued transfer of capital from CDs to Madison Asset Management Account
    •  Achieved ten-fold increase in return on portfolio with better liquidity (moved from 1% to 10%)

DCUC’s DoD Relationships and Strategic Partners

Spent a lot of time building/repairing our brand!

Department of Defense

Established direct dialogue and “re-introduced” DCUC to senior leaders in the Pentagon via meetings, briefings, and correspondence.  A number of these contacts are new based on new Presidentially nominated/Senate confirmed officials.  Others are new contacts (outside Financial Management Channels) based on ongoing issues and the need to forge new partnerships.

After many months of working through (and around) many bureaucratic obstacles, DCUC was able to engage on issues at the Under Secretary of Defense level.

Getting two or more Under Secretaries together is a huge effort!  However, we were able to influence the importance of financial institutions on the installation and we reached agreement meeting 2-3 times a year.

This is a first for DCUC!

Along the way, here are the officials we met with during the month of January:

  • DoD Comptroller (Military Banking Policy and Oversight)
    • SES Mark Easton, Deputy Chief Financial Officer, Office of the USD (Comptroller)
    • SES Kim Laurance, Director, Accounting and Finance Policy, Office of the USD (Comptroller)
  • DoD Personnel and Readiness (Military Lending Act, Financial Roundtable, Blended Retirement System)
    • SES Stephanie Barna, Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for Manpower and Reserve Affairs
    • SES Mike Kelly, Chief of Staff, Assistant Secretary of Defense, M&RA
  • Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS)
    • SES David McDermott, Deputy Director, Operations
    • SES Keith Bruce, Director, Finance Standards and Customer Services
  • Headquarters, United States Marine Corps
    • SES Caral Spangler, USMC Assistant Deputy Commandant (Programs and Resources) and Fiscal Director of the Marine Corps
  • Department of the Air Force
    • Honorable John Roth, Assistant Secretary of the Air Force, Financial Management and Comptroller
    • SES Dan Sitterly, Acting Assistant Secretary of the Air Force, Manpower and Reserve Affairs
    • SES Jennifer Miller, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force, Installations
    • SES Thomas Murphy, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force, Financial Operations
    • SES Fred Carr, Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force, Financial Operation


 Credit Union Trade Organizations


Co-signed letters on DoD Interpretive Guidance Question and Answer #2, Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Insurance with the following credit union trade associations:

  • Credit Union National Association
    • Mr. Jim Nussle, President and CEO
  • National Association of Federally-Insured Credit Unions
    • Mr. Dan Berger, President and CEO


 Veteran Service Organizations

Met and spoke with the President/CEO or Executive Directors of the following Veteran Service Organizations (most in a series of engagements):

  • Association of Defense Communities
  • American Society of Military Comptrollers
  • Military Child Education Coalition
  • Military Officers Association of America
  • Blue Star Families
  • Street Shares Inc.
  • PCS Grades.com
  • Fairway Mortgage Company
  • Gold Star Mothers (Maryland Chapter)
  • Air Force Charity Ball

DCUC’s 55th Annual Conference

  • Re-designed conference agenda to incorporate member feedback
  • More CEO (credit union) issues
  • Include Millennials and young professionals (focused on the future)
  • Signed/contracted with several speakers to support new program/conference agenda
  • Obtained full slate of sponsors

DCUC’s 2018 Defense Matters Forum

  • Rebranded event title (formerly Defense Issues)
  • Revamped entire format based on multiple member CEO feedback
    • Adjusted to breakfast buffet vs. luncheon (previous program ran too long)
    • Obtained different speaker line-up vs. banking liaison officers (upgrade from stale format)

DCUC’s 2018 Overseas Sub Council Conference

  • Re-designed conference agenda to incorporate member feedback
  • Signed/contracted with several speakers to support new program/conference agenda
  • Garnered additional sponsorships

DCUC’s 2018 Hall of Honor

  • Revamped scoring criteria for DCUC’s 2018 Hall of Honor nomination and selection process

DCUC 2018 GEM Scholarship Program

  • Coordinated the overall campaign and selection process
    • Branded the scholarship program using GEM’s signature
  • Conducted White House Ornament sale in support GEM Scholarship
    • Raised over $20,252 (2nd year in a row over $20k raised)

DCUC Communication Plan (New for DCUC)

  • Hired a Special Projects Coordinator to focus on Public Relations Campaign (November 1, 2017)
    • Current Military Spouse of the Year with Master’s Degree in Non-Profit Management
    • Specialist in creating high-impact PR campaigns (on a shoestring budget)
  • Produced DCUC Communication Plan to integrate and hone messages at various targeted audiences
    • Provided comprehensive timeline for release of information throughout the year
    • Crafted Brand Story and Brand Message for use in all communications

DCUC Website

  • Continued series of changes on upgraded DCUC website platform
    •  Increased social media presence
    • New Users increased by 15% over last year w/page views increasing by 25% (just getting started)

DCUC Newsletter

  • Successfully transitioned Editor responsibilities and published January ALERT on time (2 months earlier than expected)

DCUC Email Marketing and Online Marketing Campaigns

  • Maintained higher than industry averages in terms of open and click through rate:
    • Open Rate: DCUC ranges between 27.1% to 80.0% vs. Industry average of 24.8%
    • Click Through Rate: DCUC ranges between 14.3% to 50.8% vs. Industry average of 4.19% 

DCUC Media (New for DCUC)

  • Successfully created 4 mini-videos (10-15 seconds) to create additional buzz around re-branding campaign
    •  “Introducing DCUC” (released December 15, 2017)
    • “Happy Holidays from DCUC” (released December 19, 2017)
    • “Defense Matters Forum” (released December 26, 2017)
    • “New Year” (New Logo—New Address—New Leadership) (released January 2, 2017)
  • Contracted with LG Pictures to produce a 90-second motion-graphic video to introduce/explain DCUC
    •  Final release due in February 2018

DCUC Operations

  • Hired new Administrative Assistant
    •  Conducted search (press release, resume reviews, job applications)
    • Scheduled interviews during busy month

DCUC Logistics

  • Maintained scheduled move to Army Navy Building (Scheduled for April 1, 2018)
    •  Permits all complete and obtained green light to begin construction of office space
    • Signed General Contractor and approved final finishes to office space (flooring and reception area)
  • Implemented new Management Services Agreement (MSA) with Plexcity LLC
    •  Began transition from CUNA to move HR, IT, Payroll, and Accounting Services functions
  • Effectively utilized both DoD and Capitol Hill lobbyists to further DCUC mission inside the Pentagon (at senior levels) and to plan legislative strategy ahead of the 2019 NDAA

 DCUC Strategic Partnership with the Association of Defense Communities (ADC)

  • All DCUC members will receive complimentary ADC membership for 2018.
    •  Grants access to daily information on force structure changes and potential BRAC impacts
    • ADC will host a webinar for DCUC members that will focus on current political issues impacting military installations and defense communities
  • Sponsored 2018 Defense Community Leadership Academy with Blue Star Families

Air War College 

  • Sponsored National Security Forum Alumni Reception along with Air Force Association
  • Nominated Border FCU President & CEO (Maria Martinez) to attend National Security Forum
  • Nominated Tower FCU President & CEO (Rick Stafford) to attend National Security Forum

Army War College

  • Donated to Army War College Foundation to further education of future military leaders
  • Nominated First Light FCU President & CEO (Karl Murphy) to attend National Security Seminar

White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) – Air Force Strategic Policy Fellow         

  • Sponsored Air Force Strategic Policy Fellow to present research at upcoming National Capitol Region Professional Development Institute

Member Visit

  • Personally met with 7 member CEOs/Senior Staff members to promote DCUC brand/support
    •  Discussed DCUC 5-year plan and recent strategic issues affecting all Defense Credit Unions
    • Established framework to harmonize ongoing efforts in Southern Virginia (Tidewater Area)
    • Visited Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland credit unions to harmonize regional efforts

Military Saves Campaign

  • Actively involved in promoting and engaging in the 2018 Military Saves Week campaign (via social media)

DoD’s Financial Readiness Campaign

  • Collaborated w/DoD and National partners to enhance the financial preparedness of our troops
  • Contracted with Lightbulb Press to develop version 2.0 of the BRS Guide

DoD’s Final Rule Implementing the Military Lending Act for Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Insurance

  • Continued active engagements to coordinate with DoD officials in seeking procedural guidance and clarification on the Final Rule for Credit Cards via email and in person
    •  Visited the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Force Education and Training (Ms. Stephanie Barna)
    • Friendly meeting although no deals/indications of revising guidance
      • Wrote letters to DoD and NCUA need/justification for rescinding Question #2 in the Interpretive Guidance (recently released on December 13, 2017)
      • Given DoD’s lack of candor or taking any proactive measures, a legislative strategy is in order

Armed Forces Financial Network (AFFN)

  • Attended AFFN Board meeting on Jan 4-7
    • Highlighted recent accomplishments, challenges, and opportunities facing AFFN in 2018
    • Conducted planning session for rollout of new AFFN programs, messaging, and products
    • MLA Covered Borrower Validation (address flaws in using Equifax)
    • Amazon Prime Membership and Delivery (offer rewards for AFFN members)
    • New POS hardware/connections (offer better services, better rates, referral dollars)
  • Supported AFFN, not only among DCUC’s members, but also potential members/stakeholders
    •  Personally met with several DCUC member CEOs to regain/establish new AFFN volume
    • Met with Veteran Service Organizations to highlight new AFFN products and services
  • Assigned DCUC’s SVP to work closely w/AFFN and assist in developing plan that further supports AFFN
  • As AFFN Treasurer, ensured all expense reports and financials were delivered on time

Sponsorships and Donations (Additional Philanthropy)

  • Sponsored upcoming events in support of the American Society of Military Comptrollers (ASMC)
    •  Washington Chapter’s National Capitol Region Professional Development Institute (March 8)
    • European Professional Development Institute (March 28-29)
    • National Professional Development Institute (May 30 – June 1)
      • DCUC will be presenting a workshop on the Military Banking Program in partnership with the Association of Military Banks of America (this is a first)!

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