What DCUC is Doing for our Members

DCUC Accomplishments



  • Selected four 2019 George E. Myers (GEM) Scholarship winners!
  • Developed DCUC’s 2019 Legislative & Regulatory Proposals to discuss at inaugural Military Advocacy Committee meeting on February 15, 2019. Learn more at our March Defense Matters Forum
  • Met with President/CEO and Board Chair of Defence Bank (Australia)—found ways we can partner together
  • Collaborated with and identified 40 Defense Credit Unions that likely qualify for CDFI status



  • Participated in newly restructured DoD Financial Readiness Roundtable and set 2019 educational goals
  • Published bylaws for DCUC’s Military Advocacy Committee and selected Governing Body members
  • Spoke at the American Association of Credit Union Leagues Winter Conference and started building working relationships at the state league level
  • Successfully resolved Ginnie Mae application issues working with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development on behalf of a DCUC member credit union
  • Met with DoD’s Deputy CFO and new Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Financial Operations



  • Began planning to re-institute the DoD Financial Readiness Roundtable and set 2019 educational goals
  • Announced DCUC’s Military Advocacy Committee and successfully interviewed for profile feature in The Hill
  • Partnered with Military Spouse Advocacy Network for 4th Qtr push on the Blended Retirement System
  • Hired Public Relations Firm to focus DCUC message and broaden our reach, influence, and advocacy efforts
  • Met with CUNA and NAFCU to highlight strategy
  • Partnered with WOCCU on War College/Intl efforts
  • Worked with NASCUS & AACUL on mutual efforts
  • Released “Did You Know” videos on DCUC’s website



  • Followed up on meetings with USD (Personnel & Readiness), the USD (Comptroller), and the ASD (Energy, Installations & Environment)
  • Gained clarity on proposed changes to FMR & Policy
  • Favorably resolved 5 of 6 Defense-related issues on members’ behalf—6th issue close to final resolution
  • Re-energized multi-trade association efforts to rescind QA2 and restore essential services for military members; expect further action following mid-term results
  • Conducted successful DCUC Board Meeting and Planning Session followed by AFFN Board Meeting
  • Approved 2019 budget & strategic initiatives



  • Traveled to Poland with the World Council of Credit Unions and met with top Polish government officials to discuss the credit union movement in Poland along with the establishment of a permanent US military presence
  • Met with OSD General Counsel’s office on status of final package to rescind QA2 in DoD’s Interpretive Guidance (GAP coverage)—DoD is strongly resisting this change!
  • Met with the USD (Personnel & Readiness), the USD (Comptroller), and the ASD (Energy, Installations & Environment) to discuss/obtain progress on key issues affecting military financial institutions



  • Held highly successful 55th DCUC Annual Conference in Colonial Williamsburg, VA — Outstanding participation!
  • Fantastic feedback on DCUC Crash program for emerging professionals and tomorrow’s Defense CU executives
  • See inside for details and view conference photos at www.dcuc.org/annualconf
  • Conducted our DCUC Annual Business Meeting and elected three Board members for two-year terms
  • Negotiated/signed contracts for 2019 and 2020 DCUC conferences in Lisbon and San Francisco
  • Participated in joint panel discussion on Military Banking Program for Veteran Service Organizations


JUNE 2018

  • Sponsored and spoke at the DCUC Midwest Sub-Council
  • Presented DCUC concerns with DoD Military Banking Program and DCUC achievements during the Defense Summit at the NAFCU Annual Conference and Expo
  • Defended DCUC members from further MLA and SCRA penalties contemplated in the 2019 National Defense Authorization Bill— withdrew DCUC support for non-discretionary no-cost land leases (keep status quo)
  • Identified further cost savings in DCUC’s annual budget


MAY 2018

  • Conducted a highly successful overseas Sub-Council Conference—member response said it exceeded expectations
  • Presented industry concerns with DoD Military Banking Program at Annual Professional Development Institute for the American Society of Military Comptrollers
  • Helped AFFN support the 2018 DoD Warrior Games at the Air Force Academy with $50 Debit Cards for families
  • Signed letter to House Financial Services Committee in support of 2-year delay on NCUA’s Risk-Based Capital rule


APRIL 2018

  • 2nd successful meeting w/three senior level officials at Under Secretary of Defense level (FM, PR, E&EI) to resolve ongoing military banking issues and concerns
  • Approved final design for second version of DCUC’s Blended Retirement System Guide to include mobile app available for member credit unions in May
  • Fully transitioned all DCUC back office functions to Plexcity LLC--lowered costs and streamlined access
  • Resolved 3 separate DoD Issues on behalf of members
  • Sponsored the USAF Charity Ball in support of families
  • Finalized details for DCUC Overseas Sub-Council in May


MARCH 2018

  • Successfully relocated to new offices inside the historic Army Navy Building!
  • Primary sponsor of the inaugural and highly successful Defense Communities Leadership Academy—developing leaders and building capacity in our defense communities
  • Signed letter to DoD seeking relief on the new EU General Data Protection Regulation— affects ALL U.S. financial institutions with members in EU countries
  • Submitted two legislative proposals for the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act to protect DCUC members
  • Resolved six separate DoD issues on behalf of members
  • Sponsored two DoD events and one VSO event as part of our ongoing branding effort



  • Conducted a highly successful and updated Defense Matters Forum in response to member feedback—exceeded expectations
  • Met with several members of Congress in response to member concerns with QA2 in the Military Lending Act
  • Received recognition/praise at the installation innovation forum attended by Senior DoD officials and flag officers
  • Resolved 10 separate DoD Issues on behalf of members
  • 4 GEM Scholarship winners and 3 War College selections
  • Release of our 2-minutes motion graphic video



  • Overcame bureaucratic obstacles and engaged on issues at the Under Secretary of Defense level; established 2–3 recurring meetings per year—a DCUC breakthrough!
  • Co-signed two letters sent to DoD and NCUA on Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) insurance issue
  • Visited 7 member CUs and 10 Veteran Service Organizations
  • Realized 2017 net income of $239K; exceeding expectations by $117K



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