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GeoVista Credit Union expresses appreciation and gratitude to graduating student board member

Friday, March 9, 2018  
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  Andre Massey Jr., Sam Harris, Miranda Gillis, Andrea Massey, Jaden Esteves – missing in picture Eli Deacon.

GeoVista Credit Union is sending appreciation and gratitude to our graduating student board member, Sam Harris.  We thank Sam for his dedication and wish him success with his future endeavors.  His work will continue under new student board supervision.

GeoVista Credit Union has opened the ‘Future Leaders Student Branch’, a name chosen by the students, at Woodville Tompkins in 2009.   The school has provided a turn-key facility and GeoVista has brought in equipment, staff and expertise.  Daily operations are done by our staff member, Miranda Gillis.  Miranda coaches and educates the board members, students, and faculty about credit union philosophy.    The relationship between the school and the credit union is a win-win.  Students have opportunity to learn business skills in their professional development and business track, while GeoVista provides financial literacy to the class room. 

GeoVista Credit Union staff is proud of our graduating students and we feel strongly that we may have positively influenced some of their financial choices.  Some of our graduating students worked for us while completing their undergraduate programs.

Samuel Harris has provided his testimonial as a High School graduating student:

Being a part of the GeoVista Student Board has helped spread the word to others about the importance of building a strong relationship with a credit union.  Without the tremendous help from Ms. Miranda Gillis and even the economic insight from Mr. Bert Blocker, this board couldn’t operate.  For the past three years, I have enjoyed being a part of such a great thing.

Samuel Harris
GeoVista Student Board President

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