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DCUC Needs Your Help Pushing Back on NDAA Language

Friday, July 24, 2020  
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 by Tony Hernandez, President and CEO, DCUC

DCUC continues our steadfast efforts in protecting credit union interests regarding no-cost land leases and potential waiver of logistic costs on military installations. This year’s National Defense Authorization Act for FY2021 is a continuation of this struggle.

DCUC recently sent out two sample letters and is asking all defense credit unions to join with us to raise concerns about wording included in the Senate version of NDAA2021(S. 4049 § 2885) which would amend section 2667 of Title 10, United States Code and require the Department of Defense (DOD) to ensure that all policies and benefits are equally applied to both banks and credit unions. This change would force DOD to give banks access to no-cost land leases or take them away from on-base credit unions.

The most effective way to combat this banker incursion is contacting your Congressional Delegation directly. Click here to download the sample letters.

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