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Thursday, March 26, 2020  
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Yesterday, the Secretary of Defense issued a “Restriction of Movement” order for all servicemember for the next 60 days. In addition to the hold on PCS moves, the order also restricts travel for exercises, as well as deployments from combat operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. This is in an attempt to stop the spread of coronavirus, the Pentagon announced Wednesday.

“Approximately 90,000 service members slated to deploy or redeploy over the next 60 days will likely be impacted by this stop movement order,” the release said.

The impact of this order affects both servicemembers redeploying from a CDC Level 3 Travel Health Notice country or families who are relocating back to the United States AND who must self-quarantine for 14 days in a non-government facility or have not established a permanent residence during the transition. (Note: This assumes local hotels have remained open.)

As such, the Department created a new pay authority called "Hardship Duty Pay - Restriction of Movement", or HDP-ROM, that allows Services to pay up to an additional $1500/month (prorated per day) for members and their families who are impacted during PCS or have to acquire temporary lodging that goes beyond normal TLE limit (which is 14 days) because of COVID-19. Read the memo here

While this is DOD overarching policy, each Service will implement their own process and pay. We will release service-related items as they are released.

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