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A Call to Action

Monday, August 19, 2019  
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WASHINGTON, DC, August 19, 2019 The Defense Credit Union Council (DCUC) started off its opening session of its 56th Annual conference by reminding defense credit union members that their voices are most important in advocating for military service members and veterans.

L to R: Anthony Hernandez, DCUC President & CEO and John McKechnie, Senior Partner, Total Spectrum 

Attendees were encouraged to write letters to their representatives to urge the House and Senate Armed Services Committees to reject the inclusion of any language that would go beyond the Department of Defense’s current authority as it relates to exemptions from the costs of on-base leases, utilities, and services.


While banks argue for “parity” on this issue, the fact remains that banks already have the ability to obtain the same types of waiver under 10 USC §2667. However, banks have not exercised this authority.


Jack Fallis, President and CEO of Global CU and Chair of the DCUC Advocacy committee, said, “we need to pay attention to the DoD and Capitol Hill to know what is going on with military families and we need to take a seat at the table.”


Each day we come closer to a decision on the language that will be agreed upon by the House and the Senate for the NDAA 2020, and we need to make clear to lawmakers through letter writing campaigns, phone calls and support from credit union leagues that credit unions and banks are not the same.

Other advocacy discussion topics included the H.R. 2305 Veteran Business Lending Exemption, H.R. 3642 Improving Credit Reporting for All Consumers Act, and financial diversity and inclusion. 

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