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South Division Credit Union Partners with DCUC & AFFN

Monday, April 8, 2019  
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South Division Credit Union (SDCU) joins the distinguished list of Defense Credit Union Council (DCUC) Credit Unions who are honored to serve those who serve.

“South Division Credit Union proudly serves our U.S. active duty Service Members, reservists, retirees, Veterans, and military families, at home in the Evergreen Park Community and around the world with our credit union’s debit and credit products and services,” said Geri Burek, President & CEO, SDCU.

“We are delighted to partner with DCUC and the Armed Forces Financial Network (AFFN) to deepen our commitment to our military and veteran community, collaborate with other DCUC and AFFN Member Credit Unions, and open our credit union’s ATMs to all AFFN cardholders who are in our community on travel orders, relocation, vacation, or seeking health care treatment at a VA Medical Center or Outpatient Clinic,” she added.

SDCU’s ATMs will proudly display the AFFN logo, allowing all AFFN cardholders access to all SDCU ATMs located in Illinois and Indiana.

“This is a superb addition to our Defense Credit Union community and we are very pleased to have South Division Credit Union as part of the DCUC/AFFN family,” said Tony Hernandez, DCUC’s President and CEO. “I am sure we will do great things together on behalf of our Service Members and their families!”

About SDCU
Founded in 1935, South Division Credit Union (SDCU) is a non-profit state-chartered financial institution federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA); member owned and controlled dedicated to providing comprehensive financial banking services.

As a non-profit cooperative, SDCU can offer lower loan rates, competitive savings rates, and fewer fees than most financial institutions. The Credit Union grants auto, consumer, credit card, mortgage, home equity and business loans to its members; other

services including debit cards and ATMs. SDCU members include current and past employees of Ameritech, AT&T, Lucent Technologies, Illinois Bell; members of the Neighbors Club and other associations; U.S. active duty Service Members, reservists, retirees, Veterans, and military families in U.S. communities and around the world; and select employee groups, as specified in the Credit Union’s bylaws, and their family members. The Credit Union also has a community charter, which includes a specific geographical region in the southwest suburbs and the City of Chicago. To learn more about SDCU, please visit

About DCUC
The Defense Credit Union Council (DCUC) is an organization of credit unions whose membership consists wholly or in part of personnel      of the U.S. Department of Defense, both military and civilian. The Council comprises 255 credit unions with over 14 million members. Organized in 1963, the Council is governed by a seven-member board of directors consisting of a representative from each of the      services – Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps – plus three representatives at large. About two-thirds of the Defense Credit Unions    are federally chartered, and one-third are state-chartered. All are insured by either the National Credit Union Administration (the federal regulator), or an independent or state agency, which meets federal standards. To learn more about DCUC, please visit

About AFFN
The Armed Forces Financial Network (AFFN) was founded in 1985 at the request of the U.S. Army in support of the Surepay direct deposit system to provide U.S. military personnel (active, reserve, dependents and retired) with access to their funds through ATM and point-of-sale (POS) terminals at or near U.S. military bases worldwide. AFFN's mission is to increase the versatility of participating financial institutions to better serve the U.S. military. AFFN is co-owned by the Defense Credit Union Council (DCUC) and the Association of Military Banks of America (AMBA). To learn more about AFFN, please visit

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