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DoD Posts BRS Campaign Results

Friday, January 11, 2019  
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DoD has posted preliminary results for BRS Opt-In rates by service.  Overall, 24.2% of 1.6 million eligible members opted in to the Blended Retirement System.  Here are the results by service:

According to DoD, 81 percent of service members in the legacy retirement system don’t stay in the military long enough to qualify for any government retirement benefit. This means there are still roughly 980 thousand troops who will walk away with ZERO benefit.

DCUC President and CEO, Tony Hernandez states: “I remain concerned about those who are left out. Yet, I am confident DCUC did everything we could to help raise the opt-in rate.  Our focus remains on financial education and reaching new recruits who are automatically enrolled in BRS in order to help them maximize their retirement benefit opportunity.”

Download a free copy of DCUC’s Guide to the Military’s Blended Retirement System.

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