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Defending On-Base Branches to Defense Dept.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018  
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By Ray Birch

WASHINGTON—Is mobile banking challenging the future of some credit union branches on military bases?

With Veterans Day this weekend, that question is among the issues being faced by some military CUs, according to Anthony Hernandez, CEO of the Defense Credit Union Council. Hernandez said what’s occurring is new influences in how some Department of Defense (DoD) leaders view a credit union’s presence on a military installation.

Hernandez, who spoke to about the challenges in front of credit unions serving military memberships, said that perhaps the biggest hurdle facing credit unions that have branches on military bases comes from DoD leaders who have spent most of their careers in Washington and not on a base that has a credit union on-site.

“I hear people say, ‘I have my mobile app, why do I need bricks and mortar banking on the base?’” shared Hernandez. “But there are so many examples of how a credit union located on a military installation makes a difference in the lives of servicemembers, their families and their communities.”

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