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FY19 NDAA Conference Summary

Wednesday, July 25, 2018  
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Here is a summary of what Congress has authorized in the FY19 National Defense Authorization Act.  Now the focus shifts to the Defense Appropriations Bill for FY19 which funds (or does not fund) these programs.

Aside from the budgetary numbers and increases in force structure, here are some highlights defense credit unions can use:

The military’s active-duty end strength would rise by 15,600 (potential new credit union members).

• Army — 4,000 (to reach an end strength of 487,500)
• Navy — 7,500 (335,400)
• Marine Corps — 100 (186,100)
• Air Force — 4,000 (329,100)

The conference report also calls for a 2.6 percent pay raise for troops starting in January (helps with improving financial readiness).

The NDAA honors and celebrates 100 years of patriotic sacrifice in a way that expresses appreciation and admiration for our men and women in uniform.  It authorizes a parade in the nation’s capital and a national celebration for that purpose (potential requests for donations).

And finally, the NDAA does not authorize a Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) effort this year since the Department of Defense did not request one.  However, the NDAA does recognize that there are small installations around the country that have outlasted their purpose and their continued operation places an undue burden on the taxpayers and on local communities (keep in contact with your local officials). The bill includes a new authority to close, with the consent of relevant state and local officials, such small installations where the Secretary of Defense can do so affordably.

DCUC will continue to monitor how each of these and other authorizations in the report impact our member credit unions and the people and families you all serve!

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