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Making a Huge Difference — The DCUC Staff

Wednesday, May 16, 2018  
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April was a busy month. In addition to setting up our new offices, we fully transitioned our back-office functions to Plexcity LLC. As I prepared for this month’s CEO update, I took some time to reflect on the last few months—noting our many accomplishments, improvements, changes, and challenges we have overcome. Throughout this entire timeframe, there is one element directly responsible for our continued success—that is the high quality and work ethic of our six-member DCUC Staff!

Despite our small number, the DCUC staff has always produced outstanding results in support of our mission—a remarkable achievement over several decades. While sustaining our historical level of output is part of the ongoing leadership challenge, recent changes and additions to the staff in the middle of our campaign to increase member value is an enormous undertaking! This is not possible without our staff. As we head into the Summer conference season, I would like to use this month’s CEO update to introduce your DCUC staff (four full-time and two-part time):

Chris Cosby, Senior Vice President for Operations—Chris is a recently retired Command Sergeant Major serving with the United States Army’s Financial Management Command. He brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to DCUC, capitalizing on years of Senior NCO leadership at its finest. We rely on Chris to “get things done” just like most military organizations. As Chris completes his first year with DCUC, we look forward to implementing more of our goals/objectives along our eight lines of effort.

Beth Merlo, Director of Administration—Beth holds everything together. This is especially true as we continue to accomplish our mission while moving to a new location and transitioning our back-office support to Plexcity LLC. She has mastered vital DCUC functions and support ever since she started as a temporary DCUC employee directly out of college. Many of our members have watched Beth grow into her current role and it is exciting to see her innovate and implement ideas to increase member value.

Janet Sked, Conference Manager—Janet is truly our Star Performer and longestserving member of the staff! DCUC conferences are critical in sustaining member contact and providing direct support—so much that Conferences form one of our eight lines of effort. I always knew Janet was vital in planning and executing this line of effort. However, as I complete my second year with DCUC—I am in awe of what she can achieve. If you haven’t been to one of our conferences, you are truly missing out!

Charlotte Randall, Administrative Assistant—Charlotte is our newest employee and is both a hard worker and a fast-learner. She has already learned our member database and invoice system in addition to deconflicting calendars and tasks. It was a bonus to have Charlotte on board prior to our move and transition as she saw first-hand all the necessary files, supplies, equipment, and data needed for DCUC to operate smoothly. As a result, Charlotte is performing ahead of expectations.

Christa Dittus, Website and Social Media Specialist—Christa has done an amazing job with our new website design and establishing a social media campaign plan. She has also tailored our communications strategy to target specific audiences versus “spamming” CEO inboxes. With a full year of DCUC experience, Christa now executes great ideas independently—making our job easier and more effective. 

Brittany Boccher, Special Projects Coordinator—Brittany was DoD’s “Military Spouse of the Year” for 2017. We were simply honored to have her take over editorial duties for our ALERT newsletter while she continued her busy role as the MSOY. However, Brittany has done much more than expected! She completely revamped our entire communication and outreach strategy to include video content. I am excited to move onto the next project! I am also proud to announce that Brittany’s efforts during the March 2018 Defense Community Leadership Academy earned her a “by-name request” to represent DCUC and participate in a panel discussion with the Senate, Secretary of the Air Force, and civic leaders at the upcoming National Summit sponsored by the Association of Defense Communities.

Obviously, I am proud of our team and I hope you are as well. The DCUC staff is highly committed to your success as well as the overall credit union movement. Please visit us when you are in town or take some time during our upcoming conferences to meet the staff. I know you will be impressed!

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