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CFPB: Everyone has a story is live!

Friday, July 18, 2014  
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We have launched Everyone Has a Story on Servicemembers and veterans are among the featured stories. The stories may even represent someone you know experiencing challenges in achieving financial well-being.


The objective for our Everyone Has a Story campaign is to help you get to know what the CFPB is and how it works to serve you.   One way we believe we can do this is by sharing stories of how real people have been served by our work. In seeing real faces and hearing real stories, we hope to build trust and encourage servicemembers, veterans, and their families to use our resources along their financial journey. In addition, we want to show people how their stories and complaints inspire our work and can impact consumers and the financial markets at large. In this effort, we’re asking you to share with your contacts and encourage them to ask people within their networks to share their own stories about financial services and products. The more we hear from real people, the more insight we have to better serve them. So tell them to share, because their stories make a difference!


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CFPB celebrates its three year anniversary, by bringing you stories from community members across the country who've used their services to navigate financial decisions: http:///

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