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Friday, January 19, 2018  
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The Senate plans to vote to cut off debate on a fourth continuing resolution (CR) later on today, but with most Democrats expected to withhold their support over the lack of a deal to provide legal protection for “dreamers,” the motion is unlikely to go forward, setting the federal government on the path toward a shutdown at midnight. The President is meeting with the Senate Minority Leader as I type this message.
With at least two Republicans saying they would not support the motion and 39 Democrats opposed, the cloture vote would not clear the 60-vote threshold needed to advance. As of last night, the Senate didn’t appear to have a backup plan to avert a shutdown if the CR is blocked from moving ahead.  
Earlier in the evening, the House passed a stopgap running through Feb. 16 after leadership promised hard-line conservatives that the chamber would hold a vote shortly on a fiscal 2018 defense spending bill that exceeds the statutory budget cap by about $80 billion.
In anticipation of a government shutdown, many of you have various support packages/programs ready to go from the last government shutdown. I encourage you to communicate with your respective Commands, advising them of your planned support. This helps maintain the financial quality of life of the troops and DOD civilians, if a shutdown occurs! 
Thank you for "Serving Those Who Serve Our Country" and for always taking care of the DOD establishment!
We will be sharing each of your efforts with the Department's senior and executive leadership as we establish deeper ties inside the Pentagon.